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Anton Paar is developing and producing premium-quality measuring as well as analysis instruments for various applications including industrial and research. Established in 1922, We have established ourselves as the world leader in concentration, density and CO2 measurement in the domain of rheometry. Our complete product range comprises Viscometers, Instruments for Surface Characterization, Small Angle X-ray Scattering Systems, Polarimeters, Refractometers, Petroleum Testing Instrumentation and more.

We are located at Gurgaon, NCR, Delhi and service centers are in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Vadodara, Guwahati, Chennai, Hyderabad with application support centers in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

We have a team of over 100 people across India which helps us in maintaining coordination with clients and proper response times. Our clients are benefitted from the experience and knowledge of our trained specialists.

History of Anton Paar

The Anton Paar Group was originated in the year 1922 by the master locksmith Mr. Anton Paar who began a one-man machine repair workshop. Within a short span of time, he earned a reputation for his excellent work which led to the establishment of contacts with various universities and research institutes.

The first female master locksmith in Styria

In 1920s, Anton Paar began training his daughter, Margarete Platzer and in 1932 she acquired the position of the first female master locksmith in Styria thereby enabling her to follow her father's footsteps. Unmatched Know-How and expertise in high-precision mechanics along with unique skills in high-grade production and knowledge of Prof. Otto Kratky led to the formation of the company's first scientific and analytical instrument- the Kratky Small Angle X-ray Camera. Today, this instrument is still the most demanded measuring system of its type.

Innovative spirit as foundation

Ulrich Santner, son-in-law of Margarete Platzer was appointed as the CEO of the company in 1963. With his innovative and determined spirit he started with the subsequent expansion of the company in the realm of measuring technology. Further, he fostered the relationships with research institutes and universities and successfully developed a streamlined approach for converting technology from research to the industry. Being a loyal citizen, he was able to establish a widespread international network which helped him showcase various innovative products in the world market. During his tenure, company expanded immensely from 20 to more than 120 employees and registered an annual turnover of 10 million euros from 300,000 euros.

Worldwide distribution

Anton Paar was recognized as a global company under the leadership of our CEO, Friedrich Santner. He joined his father-in-law, Ulrich Santner, in the business management in 1986. Since the year 2002 he has remained the CEO of Anton Paar. Right from the start, he has focused on building subsidiaries to manage sales across the globe. Under his leadership, several new sales as well as service subsidiaries were established and have acquired companies with complementary measuring technologies. Continuous emphasis on R&D, more than 20% of the the company's turnover is invested in research and development, further justifies that Anton Paar is capable of further expansion and strengthening position of world leader in the domain of measuring technology. During his tenure, the total turnover of the company has increased twenty fold while the employees strength increased from 130 to 2200.

Santner foundation

In the year 2003, the former owners of the company released the control over the company and Anton Paar GmbH was given to a charitable foundation, Santner. The funds that are provided by the company to the foundation are only meant to be used for charitable purposes.  

Corporate strategy

Born to find out

The spirit of togetherness and dedication within a team, whole company or a department does not take place by an accident.

When a team of employees perform and give their best for a common company goal, it is a different feeling to achieve this goal but many times it is this road to success which encompasses the whole. We henceforth witness success as the gaining complete control on challenges together. These are to offer our customers with the value added solutions for all their measuring tasks.

How we work

We show respect

For us every single employee is important as well as valuable. The apt utilization of personal resources is important to ensure long-term health of spirit and body. We are supporting measures to assist our employees attain a perfect balance. We are also accountable for the environment and seek to make an effective contribution in order to make this world worth living in for not only our children but our children's children. Therefore, we  use natural resources sparingly as well as with optimum care.

We think of others

Success and humanity are developed through cooperation and not everyone can get the same chances. It is entirely up to the society to ensure complete support to the weak as well as fairness in our lives and distribution of material goods. Santner Foundation's projects are illustrations of how the company works hard towards attaining this goal. All these projects have been made possible through team work and successful work of our employees.

We are responsible

All our employees are contributing in Anton Paar's overall outcome. Whether a contribution is small or big, it is still significant in making a difference. All employees are responsible for themselves, their work, and the result along with the well-being of the whole. But, mistakes can happen and we do not hide them instead we acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them.

We are curious

Since the foundation, Anton Paar has been an innovation driven company. We are driven by a passion for discovery, innovation, curiosity and further development. In line with this innovative culture, we guarantee our success and our sustainable existence. Innovation is not only limited to research and development instead organizational workflow also requires continuous innovation and improvement.

Quality before quantity

Measuring instruments offered by Anton Paar have become important in the research institutes, laboratories and production sites worldwide. These support our clients in the domain of product development, research as well as quality assurance.

For many years, we have been making investments over 20 percent of the total turnover in R&D and in further improving our measuring instruments. Our purpose is to work in conjunction with our customers to identify the best solutions for all their measuring tasks while implementing these in our high-quality products.
Growth is not priority, quality of our products precedes it. Once this quality is guaranteed without any compromises, and our customers are satisfied, refer our company to allies and have faith on Anton Paar in the future.

We are able to increase our product range and know-how through selective acquisition of companies. This enables us to provide comprehensive solutions efficiently.
With the help of these acquisitions and the initialization of new subsidiaries, it is clear to us that the true value of a company lies in the knowledge, drive as well as enthusiasm of team. It is basically this unity of hand, head and heart which leads to excellence and supports in the creation of premium-quality products.

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